Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recent Casino Trip...

WELCOME TO MY BLOG EVERYONE! I mainly hope to just discuss random happenings in my life and my views of events in the media.

Today, is a random happening.

The other night I was at Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma. I was playing $5-$300 blackjack with a $0.50 ante. I bet the minimum, $5 and stayed at 18. The dealer hit once to 16 then announced "19" and cleared the cards and the chips. I pointed out that the dealer only had 16, they pulled the cameras and reviewed.... sure enough. I was right, the dealer hits again and busts. NEARLY STOLE MONEY FROM ME!

Please post in the comments what YOU think of Indian casinos... do they cheat or was it a mistake?


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  2. Oh man those pancake recepies look delicious!

  3. They cheat like crazy... yet I still go. Even though Vegas is hella close. Shrug!

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